Lesley TaylorWhen I have an idea for a piece of work, I start by sketching my ideas on paper, layering the sketches to simulate what I think the background of my 3-D piece might look like.

I use ‘chavant’ clay to sculp as much of the content as I can – certainly all of the figures and many of the smaller items.  Chavant is an oil based ‘plasticine-style’ material, which allows the sculptor to include an amazing amount of detail.  It can be re-used again as it never dries.

After introducing the sculpted figure into the background and making any final changes needed, I make a silicone mould and then cast the pieces in resin.

My work is ‘mixed media’, using wood, plastic, air-drying clay – whatever is needed – and the occasional ‘found object’ thrown in for good measure.techniques that Lesley Taylor uses to sculpt

Finally, I apply a paint effect to create the illusion of brilliant white plaster, which matches the background in the piece.

Each of my pieces contains a striking splash of colour against the brilliant white background. I love working in three-dimensions and especially love the play of light with shadow. Each piece tells a story, but I like to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer.