techniques that Lesley Taylor uses to sculptLesley Taylor


The processes I use…

I usually start by sketching my ideas on long pieces of brown wrapping paper, layering these to simulate what I think my 3-D piece may look like.

I then begin to sculpt any figures in the piece using chavant clay. (It is a brilliant ‘plasticine-style’ product, which can be re-used again and again as it never dries).

I then introduce the sculpted figure into a mock up of the piece (including the box frame) to make sure it works in the way I imagined it would.

After making any final changes to the figure, I make a silicone mould of it and then cast the figures in resin. Then I apply a paint effect to create the illusion of brilliant white plaster, which matches the background in the piece.

Other content in my work might be produced in wood, plastic, air-drying clay – whatever is needed. My pieces really are ‘mixed media’, with the occasional ‘found object’ thrown in for good measure.

I love constructing the final piece – but confess that I throw away as many cast pieces as I use if I don’t think they work perfectly. When this happens, it is back to the chavant clay to start the process again!

All of my work contains a striking splash of colour against the brilliant white background. I love working in three-dimensions and especially love the play of light with shadow. Each piece tells a story, but I like to leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer.

So what else motivates me?
Seeing a smile develop when people look at my work! That is absolutely priceless.

Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in purchasing any artwork.