“Have you ever thought of sculpting ducks?”  A passing remark made by a couple who visited my studio for the first time in 2013.  “No” was my response, but then I thought…why not give it a go?

‘Absolutely Quackers’ boxed sculptures feature an unusually attired duck.

Panoramic Boxed Sculptures

‘Aqua Duck’ – in his eye-catching red welllingtons and so’wester simply doesn’t like getting his feet wet!  


‘Quack Cousteau’ is set for ‘below the surface’ adventure and wants to go deeper than other ducks!  


‘Flipper Dipper’ just wants to have the edge over other ducks when it comes to swimming races!  SOLD


The panoramic sculptures each measure 25cm(H), 100cm(W), 10cm(D) and all are presented in bespoke glazed boxes, which protect the original work.

A series of high quality limited edition giclée prints are available in the following sizes:

  • 118cm x 30cm image size (138cm x 48cm approx framed size) – Limited edition of 25 prints.
  • 82cm x 21cm (94cm x 33cm approx framed size) – Limited edition of 50 prints.
  • 53cm x 13cm (64cm x 24cm approx framed size) – Limited edition of 75 prints.


Three further pieces were added to the Absolutely Quackers series more recently:

“Plucky Duck!’   Trying to pluck up the courage to leap into the river, Plucky Duck is being encouraged by two friends. [Size: 38cm(h) x 48cm(w) x 10cm(d)] 

‘Puddle Duck’  Puddle duck is ready for any type of weather and absolutely LOVES the rain.  [Size:  38cm(w) x 48cm(h) x 10cm(d)]  SOLD

‘Ducking & Diving’  Ever the adventurer, Quack Cousteau takes a deep dive, watched over by two members of his support team. [Size:  62cm(h) x 32cm(w) x 10cm(D)]  SOLD

High Quality limited edition giclée prints are available of the ‘Puddle Duck’ and ‘Ducking and Diving’ titles.

A series of ‘mini-prints’ have been published featuring the 3 main characters from this series.  Presented in deep box frames, these prints are available to buy  Illustrated here, each mini-print measures 24cm(h0 x 20cm(w) x 6cm(d).


Commissions taken for similar pieces based on this series.

Please contact me to order.


Absolutely Quackers — 2 Comments

  1. Morning Lesley
    We have finally moved to Devon ,Barnstaple and I am looking for some art work for the new house, love the quackers range ,what are the costs for both the drip series and quackers glicee prints and same for the originals
    Need to update you with my address too so we get mailings when you start showing again

  2. Hiya hope your well.
    I am just enquiring to see if you have any prints of
    Quack Cousteau
    Flipper dipper as i would like to add them to my other one.
    Many thanks

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