Art was very definitely not on the agenda when I was choosing my (then ‘O’ level) options at secondary school in Manchester in the early 1970s. My parents sadly held the view that art was not a subject to be taken very seriously. I remember like it was yesterday my mum and dad saying “you’ll never make a career for yourself in art” and as they were pretty strict…I listened!
Who would have thought that all these years on – that is exactly what I am doing!
I started working as a full-time professional artist in 2011.  I love creating three dimensional pieces using a variety of media, each of which tell a story that is to a large extent left to the imagination of the viewer. I try to find something to make me laugh at least once a day (as this stops me from taking myself too seriously) and this, in turn, strongly influences my art work.
I live in Warnham, a village in West Sussex, with my partner Penny and our fluffy sproodle Mabel.

My studio is based in our garden, which means I have the luxury of watching the wildlife all day long. Too much of a distraction at times! (I am particularly fond of the goldfinches which like to munch on the niger seed feeder just outside the studio).

We have a second home in Orford, on the Suffolk coast and love to spend time there when we can. Walking Mabel along Orford Ness in the bracing east wind is a particular highlight!