This section will give you a sneak peek at Lesley’s artworks within her clients’ homes.

In each case, the new owners talk about what they think of Lesley’s work.

“We first saw Lesley’s work at a local exhibition and it immediately struck a chord with us.  We were looking for something new to hang in our new home and this was just perfect: simple, clever and very witty ideas that just make us smile when we see them on our walls!” – Richard and Helen, Horsham

“I love Lesley’s work, it’s so witty and clever. The attention to detail is brilliant, and each time you look at it, you notice something new and different. Whenever I have visitors, her pieces always grab everyone’s attention and become a talking point”. – Gail, Horsham

“There was quite a large wall space in our kitchen, and we had been looking for something to fill it for some time.  Lesley’s ‘Vin Rouge’ series were ideal, as they tied in nicely with the kitchen.  They are a real talking point for our guests”. – Jim and Judith